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This Year’s Event: "A Conference of Policyholders"

Dr Amir Safari in a recent talk explicated the dimensions and achievements of 24th N-CoID and called the event, “a conference of insurers”.
According to a report by PRIAO, speaking with Insurance Horizon, he stated “An analysis of the feedbacks and results of 24th National Conference on Insurance and Development underscores the fact that its achievements are evidently and variably distinctive and remarkable.”
“The main theme of this year’s conference was chosen with reference to the recent challenges the society has encountered regarding the natural catastrophes such as earthquakes and floods and man-made disasters at places like Plasco Building, Bu-Ali Petrochemical Plant, Tehran Oil Refining Company, Semnan train station, and etc.” he added, “One of the distinctive features of this year’s event was the participation and speeches that relevant high governmental officials gave in its inauguration.”
Referring to the open talks and critical viewpoints these officials mentioned in their speeches, Dr Safari stated “This indicates the precise and accurate understanding of the challenges and requirements in the risk management field.”
Presenting more details, the Director of the Conference, added “Some of the main points in the keynote speeches were the vast and diverse dimensions of natural and man-made disasters and the role of insurance industry in providing partial solution to such crises, the necessity of collective move for the establishment of universal Nat Cat insurance fund for buildings damages, the significance of eliminating legal barriers set up by the Parliament and Guardian Council, the willingness of the Parliament for the implementation of the aforementioned fund’s missions, the add-value tax exemption of the insurance industry, adding charges to the risky drivers, the fulfillment of corporate governance requirements in the insurance industry, enhancing the use of insurance products for covering risks in urban management, the high risks associated with gas, oil, and petrochemical industries, the significance of insurers in covering these risks and the identification and evaluation of risks with joint inter-industry groups.”
“The accurate evaluation and selection of papers based on precise scientific criteria and applicability perspectives, was another advantage of the conference.” Dr Safari, added, “The papers were received with much positive attitudes in the panels. The discussions opened up among the speakers and the audiences in the five specialized panels were fairly remarkable.”
The Head of Insurance Research Center (IRC), with reference to the diversity of the speakers from various relevant institutes also mentioned that “This year’s event was ‘the conference of insurers’ since many insurers, especially big ones from high risk prone businesses such as oil and gas, transportation, construction, agriculture, and health had participated and presented their viewpoints, expectations, and demands pertaining to the insurance industry.”
Asked about whether the aim of the conference was met, Dr Safari said “As mentioned in my recent press conference, paving the ground for the acquaintance of the academia with the industry was the first and foremost aim of this huge national event and with regard to the positive feedbacks we received about the applied studies presented in the panels, it is quite rewarding.”
“After the conference, President of CII, issued a mandate for setting up a special committee in order to examine and if applicable, implement the recommendations of the high governmental bodies, speakers, lawmakers, professors, and experts in relevant areas.” He added.
Regarding the various feedbacks received, he stated “Fortunately, this conference is moving in the right direction and all of our struggles and endeavors are to identify and acknowledge demands, requirements, challenges, and expectations of the insurance industry in the National Day of Insurance. That is to say, with removing the usual formalities in the conference, the main objective of the conference is to meet the demands and missions of the industry. We are quite willing to receive any critical views and recommendations in this regard.”

Time: 2017-12-10
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