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Dr. Safari: “We Want to Raise Public Awareness on the Subject of Risk and Risk Management”

November 27, 2017, with the aim of promotion of and raising public awareness about the risk and its corresponding losses if not properly managed, 24th National Conference on Insurance and Development (N-CoID) will be held on December 4th, 2017.

“Considering natural catastrophes, Iran is located in a disaster prone region and we are witnessing more often than not catastrophic events occurring across the country.” Dr. Safari, Head of IRC, stated in a press conference specifically focused on the annual event of N-CoID.

Referring to events such as Plasco Building collapse, fire in Bu-Ali Petrochemical plant, recent earthquake in Kermanshah, and similar incidents elsewhere, he added: “With the wide media coverage available in the conference, we want to seize the opportunity and try to promote and raise public awareness regarding the risk and insurance and make the public opinion sensitive to relevant subjects.”

Dr. Safari, also noted that issues and topics such as prediction, prevention, creating readiness, universal and public education for more promptness in the case of catastrophic events, ways to protect against calamities, methods of crisis management, necessary measures required before, during, and after an event, information and broadcasting systems, pre-alarm systems, and use of available technologies and rapid threat warning methods will be discussed and presented in this one-day conference.

“In this conference, our intention is to rather underscore the public awareness and understanding of the risk and prioritization of the issue of the risk in order to maximize public demand for more security, peace, and health, and to further shed light on the economic and non-economic benefits that these demands will bring about and to warn against any possible damages and losses if negligence in risk and hazards prevails.” Director of 24th N-CoID added. “We must train minds in a way to demand for houses with more quality and safeties, more safe infrastructures and structures, more reliable hygiene, and safer roads and driving. That is to say to convert the public demand for safety into more economically and financially discernible and understandable statements.” He also mentioned that “The relevant practical measures include precise identification of necessary drives and mechanisms for accounting risk management economic gains in the requirements, regulations, and standards.”

Speaking to the reporters, he said: “Over 2500 people from across the insurance industry, academia, large enterprises, and other relevant industries especially those prone to bigger risks will be gathered in the event on December 4th.”

Congratulating National Day of Insurance in Iran on the day of conference, he explicated: “The 24th N-CoID is conducted by IRC, directly supported by Bimeh Markazi (Insurance Supervisory and Regulatory Authority), some of the insurance companies, and other relevant authorities, along with indirect assistance from some other firms and Iran Insurers Syndicate. Among the key speakers and participants are some of the Iranian top political officials.”

With reference to the major goals for conducting insurance and development conference, Dr. Safari added: “Gathering the insurance industry community in one day and one place in order to get acquainted with the academia is the first and foremost aim of this huge national event. However, having a principal effect on the policies and decision-making within the industry (based on the findings of the papers to be presented in the conference) is the second goal that hopefully needs to be met. The next resulting minor goal that directly relates to the major theme of the conference is to raise public awareness, promote public education on the issue of the risk and insurance.”

This year, like before, the one-day 24th N-CoID will be commenced with its special inauguration ceremony in the main hall and later in the afternoon, 15 papers will be presented in five difference halls. Meanwhile, five professional panels namely ‘insurance and risk management and catastrophic events, ‘insurance and risk management in energy industry’, ‘insurance and risk management in transportation industry’, ‘insurance and risk management in health’, and ‘insurance and risk management within insurance institutes’ will be separately concurrently conducted in this national conference.

“The number of papers received by the Conference Secretary has been 137 out of which 57 papers could enter the second phase of arbitration built upon an anonymous rating system. All papers were peer reviewed in the Scientific Committee, comprising of 17 members. Finally, only 15 papers were chosen to be presented in the conference and 32 for poster presentation.” He said.

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