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24th N-CoID Welcomed with 137 Scientific Papers

The secretary of N-CoID has reported the receipt of 137 scientific papers.
This is based on a report by PRIAO, IRC that further states “In the recent meeting of the Scientific Committee of 24th N-CoID held today, the status of 57 papers for entering the conference has been reviewed”.
“It has been strived to choose papers with more applied approach and scientific credibility. This ensures the necessary quality of the papers to be rather more effective for the insurance industry.” Dr. Safari, Conference Director.
“Therefore, the papers have been arbitrated by five referees in two intervals. Yet, the final decision is taken in relevant Scientific Committee meetings. It must be noted that many of these referees are themselves members of the Scientific Committee and the papers are chosen based on poll ratings.” He added.
Dr. Niakan, Head of Scientific Committee also noted: “Out of the 137 papers received, all having dedicated identifying code, 80 papers were rejected in the first review by the referees and 57 papers could successfully enter the second review.”
“Among all these papers, only 15-16 papers will be chosen for the one-day long conference and 30-35 papers will be presented as posters.” She added.
More information about the 24th N-CoID can be accessed through the IRC’s websites.

Time: 2017-11-18
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