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24th N-COID Website Launched

On July 18, the 24th National Conference on Insurance and Development official Persian website was launched. The main theme of this year’s N-COID is announced as “Risk and Insurance Management: Requirements, Challenges, and Solutions” by the Conference Director, Dr. Amir Safari.

N-COID is an annual conference held by IRC on the occasion of Insurance Day in Iran on early December each year. It has always gathered many across the Iranian insurance industry and the globe to exchange expertise and knowledge.
“The subject of risk management is a fundamental concept and is basically defined the function of the insurance industry in general. At the meantime, it is also the central focus for many of the industries in this modern world. Therefore, the main theme of the annual N-COID is dedicated to risk management. The insurance industry of the country along with other industries whose activities are fundamentally exposed to risks, will have an excellent opportunity to participate in the 24th N-COID to learn new knowledge and update their expertise on the issues such as modern methods of risk management, risk assessment and modeling, national catastrophe risk management, development of safety and prevention culture, enterprise risk management, risk and insurance management in large industries like oil, gas, energy, and petrochemicals, the standards and requirements for risk management, the role of IT in risk management, and etc.” Dr. Safari, Head of Insurance Research Center stated.

Referring to the great opportunity ahead in 24th N-COID for the exchange of experiences and research findings among the insurance industry community, he added: “In 24th N-COID, it has been planned to have participants from insurers of the large industries such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, road and construction, transportation, and etc.”
He also explicated that 24th N-COID, being the major national focus, is going to create opportunity for insurance companies and large legal brokers to discuss issues on the risk management processes and procedures, as well.
Since its advent, N-COID has proved to go beyond a gathering and in many occasions have made policymakers to think twice about an issue and this has even led to law amendments and perspective change in previous years.

The Persian website of 24th N-COID can be accessed through

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