On the occasion of Insurance Day in Iran, as always, Insurance Research Center (IRC) has planned to conduct the 24th annual conference of insurance and development with the main theme of exploring risk management and insurance with the assistance and support of Central Insurance of I.R. Iran and some of the insurance companies on December 4, 2017.

As its main theme “Risk Management”, the 24th N-COID is going to focus on various perspectives of risk management in the insurance market. The environmental uncertainty and tight competition has created a highly challenging situation for organizations and their directors. In order to properly manage these challenges, several new and innovative management approaches have been developed and recommended. Hence, in 24th N-COID, the much bigger picture of ‘risk’ is also discussed with more focus on insurers’ perspectives and the industries creating and sustaining risk.

IRC as part of its mission to promote academic research and applied studies is firmly intended to provide a meaningful environment whereby various scientific ideas and research findings along with market experiences and expertise are shared and exchanged with participants from various fields and business lines. Thus, supervisors, managers, insurers, reinsurers, professors, students and the interested from across the industry and the academia are invited to participate in this one-day annual event in order to collectively deal with many shared issues in the current ever-changing financial market.

Since its advent, N-COID has proved to go beyond a gathering and simple talks and in many occasions have made policymakers to think twice about an issue and this has even led to law amendments and perspective change.

Hereby, we cordially invite you all to participate in this annual nation-wide event and share your value ideas with the Iranian community.