This Year’s Event: "A Conference of Policyholders"

Dr Amir Safari in a recent talk explicated the dimensions and achievements of 24th N-CoID and called the event, “a conference of insurers”. (Countinue ....)

Dr. Safari: “We Want to Raise Public Awareness on the Subject of Risk and Risk Management”

November 27, 2017, with the aim of promotion of and raising public awareness about the risk and its corresponding losses if not properly managed, 24th National Conference on Insurance and Development (N-CoID) will be held on December 4th, 2017. (Countinue ....)

24th N-CoID Welcomed with 137 Scientific Papers

The secretary of N-CoID has reported the receipt of 137 scientific papers. This is based on a report by PRIAO, IRC that further states “In the recent meeting of the Scientific Committee of 24th N-CoID held today, the status of 57 papers for entering the conference has been reviewed”. (Countinue ....)

24th N-COID Website Launched

On July 18, the 24th National Conference on Insurance and Development official Persian website was launched. The main theme of this year’s N-COID is announced as “Risk and Insurance Management: Requirements, Challenges, and Solutions” by the Conference Director, Dr. Amir Safari. (Countinue ....)